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Welcome to the Troop 214 Website

Troop 214 is a proud part of Scouts BSA's Occonneechee Council, Impeesa District, and the Kiowa chapter (Lodge 104) of the Order of the Arrow. Troop 214 is chartered by (and is grateful to) Benson Memorial United Methodist Church in Raleigh, NC.

This website is maintained by the Scouts of Troop 214, under the supervision of the Troop 214 Website Adviser. We hope that you find this website informative and useful. Should you have any suggestions or comments, or should you encounter problems using this website, please send the Webmaster an email.

February 2019 Announcement - Girls Troop at Benson Memorial has formed!

As of February 2019 girls are welcome to join Scouts BSA, formerly known as Boy Scouts. Girls who join Scouts BSA will do all of the same types of outdoor adventures, skills-building, character-building, and leadership development that Boy Scouts have participated in for over 100 years. Girls will also be able to earn the coveted rank of Eagle Scout.

We are very excited to announce that an all-girls troop has been chartered by Benson Memorial Church. If you would like to join the amazing young ladies who are founding members of Girls Troop 214, or if you have questions about the new program, please contact the Girls Troop Scoutmaster via email.

Scout Comments

We asked some of our scouts to anonymously write down why they are in scouts. We half-expected at least one or two of the comments to be; "Because my Mom or Dad wants me to". No scout wrote that down. Here are the scouts' written comments, verbatim.

"I am in scouts to grow as a person."
"I am in scouts to go on awesome trips, and it's super fun."
"I am in scouts for leadership skills."
"I am in scouts because I want to have fun and learn some useful life skills."
"I am in scouts because it's a great and fun extracurricular activity, that you can also put on your resume."
"I am in scouts because I get outdoor opportunities."
"I am in scouts because it's fun."
"I am in scouts because it's a fun experience and to learn leadership."
"I am in scouts to help the younger scouts."
"I am in scouts because it's fun and because it's something other than screens."
"I am in scouts because I want to earn the Eagle rank."
"I am in scouts because it's fun to be in."
"I am in scouts because it builds character, teaches life skills, and we get to do cool stuff on campouts."

Those are good reasons to be in scouting. Interested youth can take our current scouts own words for it. Adult leaders can express other good reasons for youth to participate in the scouting program. So whether you're a youth or a parent/guardian who is interested in checking out scouting, come visit a troop meeting or send us an email. We'd love for you to join us in the fun and the adventure.